Friday, January 28, 2011

Your Business is About to Change: Are You Ready?

There have been few true paradyme shifts in recent history but we are currently in the sway of such an event and it’s going to change the way you do business.

The marketplace, your business and even your household have gradually adapted evolving technology, such as the I- Phone or Blackberry on one end and the net book or lap top on the other. Enter the Dragon, the Tablet - a technology that offers the best of both worlds, great interactive experience and flexibility to do both personal and business anywhere anytime.

The growth of this new product means were headed for a free-for-all – as the burgeoning tablet market really started to take shape in 2010. According to a new report from eMarketer, tablet sales are expected to increase more than 400% by 2012.

Tablets have far outstripped successful technology launches in the recent past such as —personal computers, video-game consoles, DVD and MP3 players, smart phones -led by the Apple iPad, Motorola – Xoom and soon to come, RIM – Playbook. The success of tablets stands out for their instant popularity and steep adoption curve.

Online sales in my opinion have reached tipping point and they are about to go through the roof. A tablet now boasts high speed web access, they are light and portable, they can run office applications and access e-mail from anywhere, anytime.

How will that change my business … you say. Well...millions of web sites that have served as simple qualifiers to products or services will now become accessible and the monetization of those adorable little information web sites will now make or break your business. Whether its customer service, content management, online payment, order-reordering, retail couponing, product knowledge, etc. – it will al be manageable – anywhere, anytime.

Think about it…an aging baby boomer generation, who will have to work longer - will now adapt easily to using this friendlier technology that will accommodate their lifestyle.

If you are going to be successful in adapting you need to start re-thinking your business process to take advantage of the coming boom in your customer demand, i.e., to order product online, to pay for your products or services in a safe secure environment. You will need to re-think your customer service, return policies, warrantees and customer loyalty programs and plan to integrate them into this new technology.

Re-thinking your business process and shaping your online presence to respond to customer demand will allow you to build an enterprise level solution that is scalable and can take advantage of this paradyme shift.

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