Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Value Proposition: A Lever to Change the World

“Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth” the law of the lever, often attributed to the Greek Mathematician and inventor Archimedes, applies to marketing in a very real way.  The idea concerns the understanding that a small force can move a great weight by means of a lever.   

In this age of gimmicks, giveaways, sex and popular culture the true nature of marketing or the use of a good lever has been misused.  Like Archimedes’ lever the basic marketing principle is similar in that a small, inalienable truth properly developed and promoted can have a dramatic effect on the fortunes of a company or product.  

The advent of social media, twitter and the elevation of popular culture helps us define who we are - and it is a decidedly younger demographic that controls the bulk of buying power in today’s society. So, having a lever or creative idea that defines the value proposition and appeals to a younger audience has become more important. It allows the value proposition about a product to become a lever that can be understood more rapidly and shared more broadly. The products we like, use and share attach a certain cache to our personalities and so have an inordinate importance that marketing can leverage to promote products.  All of these influencing factors have made it a great time to market and realize significant growth as a result.

Now, having said that, why are most companies and organization undervaluing the use of marketing and promotions when it could have profound affect on awareness and productivity?  Have we become enmeshed in the day to day administrative routines or have we imagined ourselves as the marketing gurus? Or are we so entrenched in its everyday use that we have overlooked it or we feel we can effectively create ideas and marketing around our products without the aid of costly outside marketing expertise. It’s probably more a combination of these factors and the helplessness that most companies or organizations feel in the proliferation of mediums and technology. Often when we are overwhelmed and we seek the comfort of simplicity using predictable avenues and strategies that are familiar to us.

Taking the time to consult with a marketing expert and have them develop both a great creative idea and a marketing strategy.  (Note - creative ideas and marketing strategies are not the same). The creative idea is a unique tool that marketing uses across all mediums in a variety of forms to create a consistent perception or inalienable truth about your company or product and the marketing strategy is the plan that puts that tool into play.

We are fortunate in that we live in a time when a marketing idea can change the fortunes of a company on a dime yet few companies employ a focused strategy that leverages the value proposition and good creative idea. Old school marketing gurus like David Ogilvy, Lee Clow, Phyllis K. Robinson, Hal Riney and many others  knew and understood this concept and used in landmark campaigns that have changed the buying habits of people around the world …simply with a good creative idea and fervent belief .   

You can quote me on this “Give me a great creative idea and I can change the world.”  You just have to take the time to understand the value proposition and use it as a lever.

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