Monday, January 10, 2011

Making a Mountain out of Mole Hill

When you consider the relentless march of technology, the skittish state of the economy, proliferating media channels and the competition …organizations and companies are beginning to realize that they need better and more comprehensive solutions.

Certainly our experience has taught us that when customers are seeking solutions from us, we often need to combine business process planning, marketing consulting, interactive programming, e-commerce integration, dynamic creative and effective project management to deliver useful solutions on-time and on-budget. No longer can you sit back and wait for customers bring work to you... you have to research your customers, understand their needs and come up with innovative ideas/solutions to problems they may no yet know they have. You can demonstrate that innovative thinking by starting a dialogue with your customers by making recommendations that can help add additional revenue streams, leverage new technology, streamline their business or develop complementary partnerships.

This means that you as a business have to prepare and present concrete, innovative solutions when you make that first call to your current or potential customers. You need to better understand your customer segment by offering them something they just can’t get elsewhere. Customers today have less time and capacity to consider their situation carefully and often times overlook unique and beneficial opportunities that can change their fortunes. Below are some examples of how we have worked with our clients in just such a way.

Description: an existing business that has used traditional revenue stream from bricks and mortar operations. They also have a web presence with some limited capacity but primarily the web site is a qualifying site rather than sales oriented. Solution: calling a client, with ideas on how they can either partner, develop or create new products that complement their existing business model will be considered at the very least by the client.

Description: an association exists on a fixed budget, so they have a great deal of difficulty in leveraging their knowledge base or serving their members more effectively. Solution: recommend and source third party partner that may be willing to fund an initiative in exchange for access to your client s database, awareness on your web site or a stack in your initiative.

Description: A professional or group of associates is generating sales though his/her hourly wage and/or any ancillary sales or service opportunity they generate. Solution: Creating web based tools that automate parts of the process can helps free up valuable time for additional growth or just for more personal goals. Monetize the web based system to derive new and complementary product sales.

Description: a not-for-profit organization is under pressure to do more with less: Solution: recommending the creation of a combination of signature events that create profile and awareness in a community. Also develop web based tools that allow you to track participants ay events cross reference databases from each event to create ancillary and cross-sell opportunities.

The above examples come out of our experience but there are similar ideas that relate to every kind business. The result of this is that you have to consider your existing clients, past clients and potential clients and approach them with well researched and well thought out creative solutions to problems they may not even know they have.

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