Thursday, October 14, 2010

Project Management is Underrated

 There seems to more and more emphasis on doing more for less in today's economy by using technology and an inexperienced younger workforce. The problem is that this younger workforce, who may be very skilled at social interaction just don't know how to manage a project effectively. The same skills that make them good users of technology make them impatient and myopic in terms of outcomes for any marketing or media projects.

We work with a broad  cross section of customers ranging from small professional firms right up to large national private and public sector organizations and we see the same issue over and over again, the inability of project managers to exercise control over the input in a project. Exterior firms like ours are asked to provide lean, firm budgets on a marketing project and then the scope of a project begins to expand as input is not managed for expectations.

There seems to be some relationship between the age in any particular management team, (this probably has more to do with experience than age.) The older you are the better you seem to understand the impact of an unmanaged project on spiraling costs and quality of workmanship. I also think management teams today are far less patient - they often do not understand or appreciate the creative part of the process in any media  marketing plan. There is no space or consideration given to excellence and that is why we see short lived marketing solutions that do not have a long term view in the marketplace and do not achieve the desired results.

I don't have an answer to what is a very complex problem ...but I can tell you that if you forge a closer bond with your supplier (after carefully selecting them) and work with them to help manage the process it will be a much more rewarding experience.

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