Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Business Assessment: Hiring Ability Instead of Skills Inc. has recently launched an affordable Business Assessment process that helps small business realize growth potential, create a viable succession plan and improve productivity in a cost effective and shortened time frame.    
Small businesses, under the burden of growth and productivity have been struggling to maximize the value of their employees while harnessing the potential for company growth. This new process, developed by Inc., in partnership with Titan Training is a game changer; it provides a tool set and a simple cost effective process for recognizing abilities in your existing workforce and new hires, while also recognizing opportunity gaps.  
The Business Assessment is ideal for organizations that wish to more effectively manage their growth potential through improved productivity. The process provides guidance and recommendations to streamline operations, improve business process efficiency, focus employee productivity and create clear transition strategies for growing or preparing the company for sale. The Business Assessment is a low cost, process designed specifically for small businesses and utilizes a standardized model for investigating the business’s unique culture, organizational structure and marketplace. This is complemented by a series of online management and employee skills and abilities assessments, surveys, interviews and a review of current and historical organizational performance.
 The Business Assessment identifies potential and gaps in skills and abilities within management teams, establishes benchmark qualifications and makes recommended changes to the organizational structure.  The Business Assessment also results in a detailed implementation plan that addresses business transition objectives in a shortened time-frame.
 While we utilize a unique tool set to reveal how individuals and teams work together and engage in the decision making process, the real value comes in the interpretation of results. The online tool set is complemented by a ground level investigation of the organization by undertaking a thorough review of structure and culture, growth history, hiring practices, skills and abilities, competitors, products & services, customer service strategies and short & long term goals. We then develop a sustainable transition plan to achieve goals by improving both individual and organizational performance.  

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