Tuesday, December 15, 2015

elearning Wrong Thinking

Our company has been developing e Learning since the 90's, before it was ever thought to be "cool" or "effective" in training. During that time we have encountered many implementation strategies that bear close examination for their ineffectiveness and their inability to actually achieve any true measure of comprehension among learners. 

Most e Learning administrators ignored or overlooked the important lessons taught by traditional learning. For example, you must have an administrative infrastructure in place with allocated resources, its OK to expect results from learners, its OK to set high achievement levels in testing, and adult learning is a shared enterprise that includes learners, teachers and administrators. 

Here are a few e Learning thought processes that can potentially result in poor comprehension and boredom among learners.
  1. Our first priority is to try and buy the most seats for the lowest price
  2.  Let’s focus on purchasing an LMS solution before we consider content 
  3.  We’ll try and use content we already have. PowerPoint is better than nothing.
  4.  Let’s be cost effective and buy off-the-shelf-content without evaluating its effectiveness
  5.  Don’t bother involving learners in e Learning program design....that’s too complicated
  6.  Isn’t self-paced e Learning fully automated? … no need to develop a management plan
  7.  Do not make completion of the e Learning mandatory – people might complain
  8.  Don’t set up a program to promote the idea of e Learning – it’s too much work and money
  9.  Don’t include a firm completion date – I am sure it will be get done in due course
  10.  I am managing the e Learning program,….I don’t have to actually take it myself
  11.  Don’t track and include e Learning results in employee records – it’s too hard to put in place
  12.  Training is important but it’s not core to our business or organization 
  13.  Let's start our e Learning program with low cost mandatory learning 
  14.  I’ll make the e Learning optional – that way it won’t be difficult to implement
  15.  We already do workshops and conferences…e Learning isn’t that different 
  16.  Let’s implement self-paced e Learning...and then we can set it up in a classroom
  17.  We want a certificate e Learning program …but we should make it easy to get
  18.  We can implement an e Learning program …no need to plan for any updates at this point
  19.  Let’s create an e Learning program…I’m sure learners will participate without reward or encouragement 
  20. Content is expensive ...let's see of somebody else has the custom knowledge we need
PS....fell free to respond with your own observations on e Learning implementation ....

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