Monday, June 1, 2015

Words & Symbols, Plus Repetition

I recently saw this point-of-sale ad on a gas pump at my local Shell station. Other similar and larger cardboard point-of-sale ads trumpeted this new high performance gas product. I have worked for Shell Canada in the past with its Ultra 94 launch in the 90s. I wanted to point out that sometimes- too much is too much...even in advertising.  In an effort to promote the idea of power and performance check out the number of different but similar words used in this ad to say exactly the same thing...who said simple is better?
  • - is a symbol representation more power than traditional 6 cylinder ( today's  vehicle engine standard)
  • The word Power speaks for itself
  • The word Nitro essentially describing explosive power
  • The plus symbol describes enhanced power
  • Premium described the best power
 Symbols and words, Plus Repetition do not always lead to clearer communications or create compelling narrative.  
 My purpose for sharing this is to make people more aware of manipulative advertising and the thinking (or not) behind it. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts. 
  1. Who the audience is for this type of gasoline?
  2. Have they crystalized the idea of improved power and performance?
  3. Is an overly simplistic approach an insult
  4. Would you notice it?
  5. Do you care?
  6. How does it affect you emotionally?

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